Usually I try to be more composed than this....

Today was a bad day for us... but that's the name of the game, right? It doesn't happen so often that ALL my students are off, but today was that day. I feel like I didn't handle it very well-- somehow today I didn't know how to deal with a bunch of 6th graders cursing me out and yelling at me. Usually I am tactful, and i know what to say and do-- but almost in the same way that they seemed to forget all of our rules and procedures, I forgot what to do when Tay started yelling at me and calling me a b*tch.

I think that part of my struggle with remembering what to do, and how to handle intense BD day with my kids is that I am very stressed about work in general. I have finally come to the idea that I kind of like my job, and I have known for some time that I love my kids. A couple months ago I found out that I may no longer be working in my position for much longer. I don't think that I have had the oportunity to rant about this yet online, mostly because of the frustration I feel when I think about it, but starting Feb. I may not be able to teach in my classroom anymore due to certification issues. This seems to have been some sort of oversight through Teach for America, the school district, and myself, but what it leads to is the fact that I do not have a certificate to teach Special Ed... even though all the before mentioned parties thought that I was set through the end of the school year at least. As it turns out, the only certification I hold is good for life, but only for K-5. I teach special ed. 4-6... apparantly 2 big no-no's.

The idea that they might pull me out of that classroom only to replace me with a substitute shakes me to the core, and infuriates me to think that so much of the public education system obviously has very little to do with the children, because anyone in my school could tell you that the worst thing you could possibly do to my kids is take their teacher away and give them someone that isn't certified to teach anything... but apparantly that is out of our hands because from this point on everything is federally mandated by "No Child Left Behind".

Okay, before I get to far into this I feel that I should stop my rant (I don't want to be upset for the rest of the night), but basically, it is getting close to the wire for me, and I am worried because no one seems to know what to do to help make sure that I don't have to leave my kids behind.

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Blogger JohnL said...

Jill, I hope things've improved in the last couple of days. Are your troubles with licensing similar to those reported by Miss Dennis?

If you register for EBD Blog or Teach Effectively!, I'll get your e-mail address. Then we can correspond via back channels.

Hold on tightly.


p.s., sorry if I dropped this twice...blogger v. google identity issues.

1/15/2007 12:52 PM  

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