Spring Break is Over...

My kids were angels on Monday and Tuesday, and then today things flipped back again. I was hoping that the bliss of a new start after the break would help us to reconnect as a class, and Mon and Tues were promising... but today was 5 steps backwards.

We're back to threats again. One of my new students assured us all that he is going to "bring something in tomorrow to take care of all you all!" I am actually very nervous about it, and the administration did next to nothing... they're going to "check" him before school tomorrow, but my only fear is that after school might be too late. I can only immagine the things that are going through his heas to make it seem okay to do this sort of thing.

He saw a classmate with a switch blade in class, and then didn't see ramifications, because that stdent is now being home schooled, menaing that the only time my students see him anymore is when he's outside playing with his friends. Then there is the looming rumor in my room that Jerry sometimes carries a knife to school "just in case." I don't know if this is true or not, but to an extent, it doesn't matter, for the other students in the class it IS true. Then, ofcourse, there's TV, the community, and the news. I don't doubt that this student is already involved with gangs. He throws up signs left and right, talks "street" and has tremendous pride in repeating the word "bloods" whenever he's feeling perturbed. He's 9 years old. Then most recently there's the killings in Virginia. My kids heard about this, and that killer is getting so much media coverage he is like a legend already, and when my kids see that, all they can do is long for that sort of attention.

I also don't want to think about this anymore right now. I'm jst going to cross my fingers and trust that everything is going to be okay forever and ever. Anyone have any positive thoughts for me and my kids?

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Anonymous inanediatribes said...

I hope your day isn't crazy tomorrow. Hopefully, he is all talk, the way kids often are to get attention. I know what you mean about the kids really eating up the way the media portrays violence in such a glamorous light. My kids seems to revel in the fact that Camden is listed as "America's Most Dangerous City" in many lists and that Philly's murder rate is the highest it has been in two decades right now. Violence does get attention and when you have nothing else to grab onto, it somehow becomes a point of pride. They have given an incredible about of attention to the killer at Virginia Tech. I am sure plenty of crappy movies and TV programs are in the works to glorify him further. I guess the best thing to do is to stay positive and help your kids to find other points of pride in themselves other than violence or the threat of violence. I know it is hard and it may not seem to make a difference, but I think it does. Good luck and my thoughts are with you.

4/19/2007 2:02 PM  

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