I hate my job...

Incase any of you were wondering... I hate my job. I hate that I have a practically new set of kids and almost nothing to work with. I hate that my students don't want to learn anymore, and I hate all the bueracratic BS that makes it so that all the BD kids in the district are being shuffled into my classroom at the same time. I hate that I had an observation today, and that I didn't get to teach any of my academic lessons because behavior was so bad. I hate that I have to send home nightly behavior reports, and I hate myself for not having the energy to call parents tonight.

I hate that I don't feel stable enough to get my life back in control, and that I am getting myself so upset about school that I haven't really been dealing with my personal issues for the past few months. Mostly though, today I just hate my job.

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Anonymous inanediatribes said...

Hang in there, Jill. I'm sure all of the kinks in your classroom will work themselves out as soon as your kids adjust to all of the changes they've been dealt. I am sure it is going to be hard for a while. I know that I always had a rough time when new kids came into my classroom. I don't have any specific advice because I never really figured out how to handle behavior problems in the classroom. My thoughts are with you, though, and I hope everything works out okay.

3/06/2007 11:27 AM  

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