A Full Moon and a Bloody Skull

I actually don't know if there is a full moon today, but judging by how it loooked last night, and by the way the school is out of whack today, it must be full.

We got another student today, number 11, and he is in 4th grade. My only 4th grader. Having a new kid made all of the other students excited to show him what they can get away with... which lead to an unpleasant sequence of events. For the most part I was able to keep the class under control. But it was E and K who really made things difficult.

They have a love/hate affair that is a little strange, but not all that uncommon amongst 11 year-old boys. They are constantly fighting, making up, laughing, telling "your Momma" jokes, and then fighting again. A couple months ago breaking up one of their love-quarrels I got hit in just the wrong way and fractured my thumb. Since then they have calmed down quite a bit (as neither of them had any intention of hurting anyone excluding themselves ofcourse), but today they started fighting and I realized that it was going to become physical. I called for security, and when the crisis teacher arrived she helped me tear the two apart. K, laughing through the whole thing wriggled out of my one-handed grasp, and punched E in the head. E then reached passed the crisis teacher, grabbed his hairbrush off his desk, and whapped K in the forhead. THUD!

K, in my arms started laughing hysterically until he saw the blood covering his right eye. That's when he got upset, stopped haughing, and tried to go after E. Luckily, when he was hit I got a better grasp of him and he wasn't able to get free. I grabbed his hand and slapped it over the open gash on his head. The crisis teacher was able to wrestle E out into the hall while I settled my class, held K's hand to his head, applying as much pressure as possible while assigning other students in my class to tasks,
J- get me some paper towels, put them in my left hand (I needed something to cover the wound with)
T- go to my desk, get my keys and call the office (I need a NURSE! NOW!)
C- go close the door to the classroom (so that E and K wouldn't be able to see one another)
N- take paper towel and cover the blood on the ground, make sure not to touch anything but the paper towels.

By the time the vice principal had arrived K had calmed somewhat and we were able to get him to the nurse and then to the emergency room. E was sent to the office for the rest of the day, but no consequences, no suspension. Once the problem left the room my students were so off-task that no work was completed the rest of the day, and my hand was a bloody mess. I still have blood on my pants, and my brace was tossed out because of the blood.

Oh what a day- I guess they showed the new kid what we're all about.


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