A good day...

I had a good day at work today, and since I don't get to say that very often, I thought that I should write it down. This way, I can remember that things aren't always awful in the life of a teacher.

It was kinda strange even... they were all so calm. No one in my class really wanted to do any work, but they didn't mind the learning part of things. I usually struggle teaching any sort of lesson, because they are so out-of-control, and I have to do everything with each student individually, but today as I explained to my kids how the tide is the sea rising and falling as the earth rotates, they listened. They even got up and helped me demonstrate how the earth rotates, and every one of them used the magnets I gave them to feel what the gravitational pull of the moon is like. They were really into it. As I held a globe up in the air bearing my sweaty pits, I rotated it on it's axis as Ricardo held the styrofoam moon in one place and Jay held his hand as though it were the sun. At the end of the lesson they were all able to explain to me exactly how the tide works, and even Amber shouted out answers when I asked questions. (She usually sits silently, with a lot of attitude, until she has a violent outburst).

Then, at lunch time they all begged me to sit at their table instead of going back up to the classroom. I haven't eaten with them since my last post, and I didn't eat with them today either, (just because the food smelled like ass and I didn't think I could bear it combined with the stench of 11 year-olds that just got out of gym...) I figure I'll invite them to eat with me tomorrow. The strangest part about this invitation though is that it was Amber that said, "Ms. G, aren't you going to stay and eat with us?? You can sit here."

It was overall a pretty good day in 401.

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Blogger JohnL said...

Jill, I'm glad to read about this and I hope the good days come more and more frequently.

6/07/2006 7:00 AM  
Blogger liquidwafflegirl said...

Thanks for the response!
1. it's really neat to see that at least some one reads at least something I have posted
2. the days are getting better... i know that the school year is almost over, but things are just now seeming to fall into place, and next year i will have most of the same students, so i will have some footing under me for the start of a new school year.
3. it's nice to see a ebd blog with real information on it-- thanks for having it!

6/10/2006 9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10/16/2007 10:50 PM  

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