Starting yet another school year...

So, here we go. I have spent the last couple days getting ready for school again. Last week I went to literacy workshops focused on how to make middle schoolers readers, and this week I have been setting up my classroom in preparation for the new school year. I will be switching things up a little this year, as I will have significantly older students, (7th and 8th grade), but I will still be teaching the BD classification.

As our school previously only housed students through 6th grade, a lot around the school and curriculum is changing. One such change is that all the other 7th and 8th grade classrooms got new furniture that is suitable for the age... but my room still has the 4th grade furniture that I was using last year. A little disheartening, but not at all surprising. My students would just ruin anything nice we were given anyway, right?

Although I am not excited to go back to teach another year, I am getting anxious to see a class list and see my students again. For many of them, this will be their 3rd consecutive year with me as their teacher. And even some of the 8th graders I might get could be students I had my first year teaching when they were in 6th grade... I guess only time will tell. Wish me luck!

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