Ghetto Pigeons

Over the weekend I took a couple of my students on a field trip to the Statue of Liberty.

While we were eating lunch, Amber threw a french fry-- and that's when all the fun started! Seagulls and pigeons flocked towards us, screeching and cawing, pecking at the food on the table. Amber was screaming, and Jerry was trying his hardest not to let his laughter turn to screams. He likes to seem tough, but he didn't look so tough as he darted from the table trying to escape the attack! I stood, scared out of my mind (I have a fear of birds) trying to play it cool-- shooing them away with my hat and repeating "go away birds, get away from out food!" This is a phrase that I don't think I will ever live down, because my kids heard it so many times they repeated it throughout the day.

Seagulls are much more daring than pigeons at the Statue of Liberty. They go straight for food, scaring away humans, to get to their plates. Pigeons on the other hand seem much more patient, waiting for dropped food, and then rushing in to get it; trying to beat the seagulls to eat the dropped crumb of food. Amber noticed this right away, pointing, and telling me, "look at that pigeon right there! Ha! He thinks he's a seagull or something! That pigeons trying to be ghetto like the seagulls!"

It was so funny, I couldn't help but laugh, and I was actually really proud of her for noticing small details about the birds.

Today when we got to school we walked up the four gigantic flights of stairs to the classroom only to find all of the other 5th graders standing out in the hallway chasing a pigeon down the corridor. The kids were screaming and yelling, and as I rushed my students into our classroom, trying to keep them away from the potentially behavior-triggering situation, I closed my classroom door only to hear Amber let out a high-pitched scream followed immediately by Ricks mischievous laughter.

"Look Ms. G, we got pigeons!" Tyler shouted, and sure enough... pigeons! Two of them. I called for the custodial staff, but they were busy with the 3 pegeons that were in the 4th floor hallway, the one in the boys bathroom, and another couple of birds in the teachers room. Amber looked to me and said "go away birds, get out of my classroom, right Ms. G?" (hinting to my reaction at the Statue of Liberty) I laughed with her, but only for a few seconds because just then both pigeons started flying in our direction. "Those pigeons is ghetto, they must thing they seagulls or something," she said again.

45 minutes, 10 piles of pigeon droppings, 3 pigeons, 2 students, and 1 custodial staff later, we got the birds out of the classroom and began our math final exam.

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