Sweaty Kids are Smelly Kids

My school is so hot I can still feel the sweat roll down my spine by just thinking about having to go back in that building tomorrow. The fourth floor = the sauna. I like to think that this is all a part of my "lifestyle change," but it's hard to believe that when I'm climbing all 97 stairs. It can't be a good idea to sweat out every last morsel of your energy before the bell even rings when you are supposed to be a teacher. Stale air and smelly kids, combined with a generalized hatred/fear of learning make school a very hard place to be at... But the good news is that tomorrow is "Fun Day!"

As it seems, every day for the past 2 weeks has been themed:

Mon: Movie Day (Akeelah and the Bee)
Tues: Field Trip Day (holocaust Play)
Wed: Spelling Bee Day (Akeelah Style)
Thur: Career Day (Go Army National Guard, Recruit ''em real young!)
Fri: America Day (God Bless)
Mon: Memorial Day (= Beach Day for me!)
Tues: Finally take a seat, sweat on yourself, and get to work Day
Wed: Workshop Day for me (= Torture the sub Day for students)
Thur: Ice Cream Awards Day (I heart ice cream)
Fri: Fun Day! (= sweat on the asphalt errr... I mean "playground")

This seems to make the end of the school year move a little faster-- and makes the students a little more motivated, for the most part anyway.

I can't wait until Monday comes around again, I think it might be "Gather around the Fan at the Circle Table Day."

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